Chasing Health?….Just Breathe

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Over the weekend, we did a workshop in our office.  We are very grateful to those who took time out of their Saturday to come learn about how we can help you improve your health and more importantly, how you can keep it once you get it.  After all, health isn’t just about feeling great and having no pain, it’s about maintaining a lifestyle.  It’s about being able to participate in work, with friends and family, the mundane daily activities, and the things that you can’t wait to do.

Katherine, also talked about the importance of breathing and how we have gotten away from breathing correctly.  It’s not just us at 5th Street CHC talking about it either.  Whether it’s Facebook, magazine articles, or books devoted to the subject; mindfulness, meditation, and breathing is all over the place.  A few minutes a day settling into a quiet place, comfortable position, and focusing on your breath can make improvements to your mood, pain level, ability to focus, and so much more.

Although the newsletter (link) at the bottom doesn’t go into the science of breathing, it does offer you 3 different techniques to try.  The science of breathing is for another day.



Chasing Health…Just Breathe

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