Making the decision to seek alternative treatment like NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) is the first step in alternative allergy treatment. The second step is finding the right practitioner. This one can be challenging, as there are many practitioners who claim to be NAET practitioners, but don’t follow the procedures for true NAET. To obtain the results of becoming allergy free, the correct procedures must be followed. Here are some important criteria to look for while searching for your practitioner:

NAET Practitioners do:
• Test your allergy (what it is exactly you are allergic to and the severity of your allergy)  using muscle response testing.
• Treat acupuncture spots on your back with either hands or with a pressure instrument while at the same time you keep the allergen in your hand (the allergen is enclosed in a vial to ensure safety). An exception may be a younger child or an individual that is to weak or sick to be tested; then a surrogate may be used.
• Retest after staying in the office for 15-20 minutes to check the severity of the allergen using muscle response testing again. The resistance will be greater, though it may take several sessions for complete clearing of the allergen.  Most clear within 1 to 2 sessions.
• Ask that the patient avoids the allergen for at least 25 hours after each treatment and advise on ways of doing so.
• Require follow up visits complete with muscle response testing at each one until the allergy has cleared at least 80% – 90% (this may take quite a few sessions depending on the severity of you allergy).
• Advise you on how to introduce the allergen into your diet/lifestyle.

NAET Practitioners do NOT:
• Use color slides or flashing lights.
• Expect immediate results.
• Have you sit and think about the allergy with no acupuncture, acupressure, or present allergen.
• Use sublingual drops on first visits and tell you that your symptoms are part of the treatment (a certified practitioner may have you taste minute amounts of the allergen after your allergy has been cleared which usually takes several visits).
• Charge large amounts of $ for vitamins and supplements citing them as part of the treatment.
• Require you to ingest the allergen until you are ready.

Your NAET practitioner should have attended NAET Basic, Advanced-1 and Advanced-2 level classes and been returning for mandatory yearly certification and refresher’s classes.

– By:  Heather Legg on

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